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Don't Let Menopause Affect Your Sex Life: Try MonaLisa TouchⓇ

As you go through menopause, it’s common to experience side effects that make having an active sex life more difficult. Postmenopausal women commonly experience symptoms that can negatively impact their sex lives, including pain during sex as well as vaginal dryness, burning, and atrophy.

If you’re regularly experiencing these symptoms, you might be wondering if you can continue to enjoy a healthy sex life after menopause. The good news is, you absolutely can!

Thanks to a revolutionary new treatment called MonaLisa TouchⓇ, women are reclaiming satisfying intimacy after menopause. Here at Gardena Women’s Center, Dr. Gwen Allen offers MonaLisa Touch treatments to her patients living in and around Los Angeles County.

Who MonaLisa Touch helps

MonaLisa Touch therapy benefits any woman experiencing a disrupted sex life due to painful and uncomfortable vaginal symptoms. This remedy also helps those who are unhappy with the appearance of their vagina or feel their vagina is overly loose.

MonaLisa Touch helps women of all ages -- those who have gone through menopause, as well as moms who recently gave birth. And because it’s not estrogen-based, MonaLisa Touch therapy is safe for women who can’t get hormonal treatments for medical or personal reasons.

How MonaLisa Touch works

MonaLisa Touch therapy uses a state-of-the-art fractional CO2 laser to improve the function and appearance of your vaginal area. The laser works by creating controlled microlesions in your vaginal tissue.

After the procedure, your tissue creates new collagen as it heals the tiny microlesions, and the continued healing causes other changes in the vaginal mucosa that improve hydration and overall vaginal health. You start to see and feel improvements in the treated areas soon after receiving the therapy, with further positive results coming within a few weeks.

What to expect at your appointment

MonaLisa Touch therapy is an outpatient process done right in the office, and in many ways, your appointment is similar to having a pelvic exam.

You begin by lying on an examination table, and Dr. Allen inserts a slender probe into your vagina. You don’t need any further preparation or anesthesia and won’t experience pain from the laser. Using the laser only takes about five minutes, plus an additional brief recovery period before you leave the office.

Some women choose to have the treatment on their external vaginal area as well, and Dr. Allen applies a numbing cream to your sensitive areas beforehand for your comfort.

You can resume regular daily activities as soon as your appointment is over, and you can have sex after 2-3 days. You’ll enjoy the full benefits from MonaLisa Touch within a few days.

Dr. Allen recommends three initial MonaLisa Touch therapy appointments to achieve optimal results. After completing these appointments, you only need to return once a year to maintain the full benefits.

If you’re no longer enjoying your sex life thanks to menopausal symptoms, there’s no reason to keep experiencing sexual frustration. After receiving MonaLisa Touch treatment with Dr. Allen, you’ll experience a renewed sex life that can continue for years and years.

To schedule your initial MonaLisa Touch consultation at our office in Gardena, California, request an appointment using our online system or give us a call.

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