New Year, New You: Refresh Your Look With an Anti-Aging Laser Treatment

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As we age, the signs of older skin can seem to creep in overnight. Collagen accounts for about 30% of your skin's total mass, and by the time you're 25, production is already decreasing each year, leaving skin looking less full and vibrant. Age spots, scars, large pores, and unwanted facial hair only add to the problem, and no matter how level-headed you are when it comes to life, this impacts your confidence. Give yourself the gift of more youthful-looking skin this year with an anti-aging laser treatment.

How do anti-aging laser treatments work?

Dr. Allen uses the Elite+® system by the trusted laser treatment leader CynoSure. This system uses a dual-wavelength laser at 755 nm and 1064 nm to treat several signs of aging. It's reliable, proven, and effective on all skin types, and one system can be adjusted to target what you need to focus on for a personalized treatment. 

What signs of aging can Dr. Allen treat with a laser?

When you think of skin aging, wrinkles may come to mind, but wrinkles alone don't make skin look older. To truly transform your appearance, you need to address several signs of aging, which is exactly what Dr. Allen uses in her office. Laser treatments can:

How safe and effective is laser treatment?

The laser technology utilized by the Elite+ system has been around for nearly 20 years for laser hair removal, with many studies during that time supporting its safety and effectiveness even on pigmented skin of phototypes IV (light brown) through VI (very dark) for which some laser hair removal systems aren't effective. Similar studies during that time have demonstrated this system's ability to safely address the signs of aging listed above.

What kind of results can you expect before, during, and after?

Before the treatment, take a picture because you'll want to see the dramatic difference in your skin's appearance after this procedure, which lasts about 45 minutes. During the procedure, Dr. Allen uses the applicator to emit short bursts of light onto your skin. The very top layer of skin absorbs the heat, which causes surface cells to turn over, revealing more youthful-looking skin beneath. While the laser isn't painful for people who do not have a very low pain tolerance, most people describe the sensation as comparable to a rubber band snapping against the skin over and over. You typically need three to five sessions to get the best results. During your consultation, Dr. Allen customizes a plan to help you get the results you're looking for. 

After the procedure, you feel like you have a mild to moderate sunburn. It takes about two weeks to fully heal and see the more youthful-looking skin.

What are the benefits of getting these treatments?

  1. Get a treatment that gives you nearly instant results. Drugstore creams and treatments take time to work, and most haven't undergone the kind of scientific research that the Elite+ system has. Many just don't work.
  2. Feel more confident. You'll love the way you look, and you'll feel confident that others see the vibrant, interesting you, not your wrinkles, pigment imperfections, or scars.
  3. Receive compliments. People close to you may not be able to put their finger on it, but they'll know something's different and that you look great.
  4. Avoid more invasive procedures. You want to age gracefully. Laser treatments are a noninvasive way to keep your skin looking great without surgery.
  5. It might just help you keep your New Year's resolution. When you look younger, you feel younger. You'll be amazed how getting a procedure like this can cause you to feel more energetic and active, so if you committed to working out more, losing some weight, joining a hobby group, or being more involved in the community, anti-aging laser treatments can help you reach your goals.

Make this part of your new year. Do it for yourself. You deserve to look and feel amazing. Contact Gardena Women's Center to schedule your appointment.

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